Monday, March 9, 2009

okay okay okay

So, I've been really bad about posting...I know. Every time I think about doing it my brain starts to hurt and I can't really think of anything of interest to say. So this is likely to random and not very exciting...sorry.

Tomorrow marks 37 weeks, so that means that baby Dinah will be considered "full-term" and really she could come any day now. I am definitely ready to meet my baby and I am more than ready to be done being pregnant! I have sausage feet, trouble sleeping and now to top it all off it is allergy season and the pollen is affecting me much more than normal.

Christian and I are feeling more and more ready to welcome Dinah when she comes. Her room is looking good, we've picked a pediatrician, almost all of our "big" items have been bought or received, and some last minute items are slowly coming in (we have our two work showers this week). We go to pick up her diapers next week so we can get them "prepped" for her.

Tonight we go to learn how to care for newborns at our hospital. I feel less freaked out by actual labor and delivery after our birth class, so maybe I will feel a little less freaked out about being completely in charge of a little person after this class. Although I hear that you never stop being freaked out about being a parent!

Christian says that he has another post all planned out, but he was waiting for me to post again before he would do it. His stuff is always better than I am sure it will be more interesting.

We'll be sure to keep everyone updated if (and when) we go into labor and Dinah is threatening her appearance.

Oh, and I'll have Christian take another couple pictures of me and my belly. I am looking pretty huge these days!


  1. One word: EPIDURAL! They are the most awesome invention EVER!!!

  2. See, I am totally more weirded out by the needle in my back than pushing out the baby! I am strange, I know...

  3. Hopefully you will inherit your labor genes from your mom's side of the family :)