Monday, December 22, 2008

It's beginning to feel a lot like... Summer?

This morning offered a brief respite from the warmth of a Florida winter. It was a windy, cloudy morning. Most people were bundled up in hats and mittens, walking quickly to their respective destinations. The cold air struggled to steal my breath as I walked in to work; just as it gave up its grip on the Florida morning. Today we were greeted with 38 degrees and a strong breeze. Tomorrow we will be back in shorts lamenting the 80's that surround a Florida Christmas.

Harmony and I celebrated our sixth anniversary yesterday, rather uneventfully. Dont get me wrong; the day was nice, but there was not the grandeur of previous year's celebrations. Dinner was at a quite little Italian restraunt. It felt like there were only a few people out that evening, like the night had been set aside for us to enjoy at our leisure. There was however, oddly modulating music playing in the background. My black truffle and asiago encrusted strip was sometimes softly serenaded and other times violently threatened with song. I told Harmony that I felt like we were in a mob movie...

(background music swells to a deafening crescendo as the made men revel in their carnage.)

After dinner we came home and just relaxed, thoughts of the hit that we had so narrowly avoided were far from my mind. I fell asleep to the feeling of my little girl moving around after a long, but restful, day.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

She likes to move it, move it!

So for the past few weeks I have been feeling little baby Dinah move around in there. Lately she has been quite hyper and if I am sitting still she is moving about. (Including sometimes tap dancing on my bladder!) I can definitely feel (and sometime see) her moving through my clothes. That is fun, because then Christian can feel the baby too. We really are at the fun stage right now...feeling the baby and having that daily assurance that she is healthy and growing strong and I am just at the stage of "cute pregnant" before I get enormous and uncomfortable.

We are getting ready for a really busy weekend leading into a really busy next few weeks. Aunt Amber is graduating on Saturday as is Grandma Frederique. And Uncle Jeremiah will be on this side of the country for a couple days. We are really excited about hosting Christmas this year. I have my tree up and I am enjoying the season (if only it would get a bit colder here). We are also excited when we think about the next Christmas season when baby Dinah will be here with us AND old enough to enjoy the fun!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hard Freeze

It was a cold night, Harmony and I bundled up under blankets trying to hide our bodies form the chill in the air. We joke that we need a mitten for the one hand that is exposed when we lie in bed. Last night as we began to get settled down Harmony started read a few chapters to me. After just a page or two she stopped reading and told me to feel Dinah moving. Harmony has been saying that Dinah is dancing around for about a week or so; this was the first time that I could feel her moving around.
We only have 17 weeks until Dinah is born (if she is right on time) and things seem to be moving at light speed. Keep the three of us in your prayers

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm nesting, aren't you?

Cleaning, cooking, getting rid of the old, making room for the new…
Nesting is a natural part of a pregnancy. There is something that innately motivates you to get ready for the impending unknown of having a child. There were piles of stuff that we stuffed away when we moved into our house (three years ago) that have been dispatched. Our laundry room, once off limits to visitors, is now the cleanest room in the house. Bathrooms, kitchens, floors and ledges are getting their fair share of attention.
Harmony has yet to catch the nesting bug, but I am sure I can help guilt her into it soon… right now we are working out deals to make the work a little more equitable.
Harmony has some great ideas for the nursery that I can’t wait to see. We have been trying to hunt down all of the things we can think of that we may need. There is so much pointless stuff in a baby store that we have to wade through to find what we really need. Harmony is almost finished compiling our lists and finding the best deals for the stuff we will need.
For now I am thrilled to see Harmony’s belly growing and get excited when I think about what will be…

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Must be hard work

Harmony is a little past the half way mark now! Other than the cold that was so generously given to her by a couple of the nursery kids; she is doing well. Things have been busy here and Harmony has been sleepy. I always knew that she needed more than eight hours of sleep a night, but Dinah seems to make her need even more.

One of Harmony's favorite napping places is the couch. I think she is trying to store up some energy for the holidays. We are going to have a crazy holiday schedule and are very thankful that our parents are willing to travel to us. There is nothing better than being able to sleep well in your own bed. Compound the holidays with a cold and the pregnancy; I am amazed that Harmony is able to get up and going each day.

Thanksgiving, Graduation(s), Christmas, New Years... Time seems to move so quickly around this time of year. After the holidays have come and gone it is hard to beleive that we will only have three months left! There is so much to do, and the days seem to be getting shorter. Keep us in your prayers, the three of us hope to see you soon!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Looking Pregnant

So, I am finally starting to look like I am having a baby and not like I am just chubby. It is fun to pull out the maternity clothes I have so far and wear them. Honestly, all the stretchy waist pants are so comfy, I'm not sure I will go back to regular pants again! No wonder "mom" pants all have elastic waists...they know a secret the rest of us haven't figured out yet!

Here is a picture of me taken this week. I was 19 weeks and 2 days in this photo.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


So, Christian is super sweet and is definitely the "emotional" one between us two. So, while he contemplates the beauty of life, I will tell you all about the beauty of our stroller. :)

Choosing a stroller is really like choosing a lifestyle. Did we want to have one of those infant car seats that we can carry the baby around in and that snaps into a bigger stroller or stroller base? Did we want to get a sling or Baby Bjorn and carry the baby that way? Did we want to shell out a bunch of money for a car seat the baby would grow out of within a year, just to spend alot of money on another seat? We were crazy for about week trying to decide what we wanted to do.

Finally, we decided that carrying around a 20 pound car seat with a baby in it was not our (my) cup of tea. We've both always liked the idea of strapping our baby to ourselves and only using the stroller for walks and longer trips. So, then what stroller did we want...we looked at a couple different things online and decided we really liked the look and features of the UppaBaby Vista.

Of course, this stroller is made by a smaller company and only one store in Florida actually had one in stock. So, one Saturday morning we drove down to Safety Harbor, FL (near Tampa) to look at one of these strollers in person. Long story short, we totally fell in love with it. It is super easy to fold and to steer. It comes with a toddler seat and a bassinet, both of which can be turned to either face the "driver" or face the world. It is really light for a "full-sized" stroller and very strudy. It also comes with both a bug screen and a weather sheild. We totally love it and it is truly awesome. We also got an amazing deal on it because we got the floor model and is the red one. :)

See some pictures here...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My little girl

We have been spoiled so far this pregnancy. Over the last 18.5 weeks we have had 6 or so ultrasounds. This one was by far the longest and most detailed. From her head to her toes we saw everything. The MD counted each vertebra, looked at her little heart and her brain. We saw her move; and her face, what a profile shot! For nearly 45 minutes we looked over every organ, very hand and foot, we saw her in more detail than i could have imagined. It is remarkable that I can feel so attached to someone so small that I haven't even met yet.
For me, the experience was very surreal. I suppose it is the whole not carrying the baby thing. I was reminded of how fragile life is and how many things have to be "just so" for life to even begin. Realizing the goodness that we have been given in the healthy little girl that is continuing to grow inside Harmony, I can not help but to be thankful.
Yes I was a proud papa; telling everyone I could about my little girl. I was beaming with joy for so long that my face hurt. Harmony always says that I am the weepy one of our family. I'm not afraid to show emotion happy or sad. I can say that day I was getting a little misty at the sight of my little girl.

Its a girl!

So, many of you know by now...we are having a little girl! I've attached some pictures from this ultrasound. There are a couple good profile shots of her little face and a "proof" shot the doctor gave us of her little hiney. There is also a video from the ultrasound too so you can see her moving about some. We need to edit it down some, so I'll add it later.

I was wanting a girl for this first one, so I am very excited. Christian was being a proud papa yesterday, showing off the pictures to everyone he came across.

We do have a name picked out, but I am having second thoughts about one of her middle names. For now you can call her Dinah.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our First Post

Thanks for visiting our new baby blog! I am hoping to be able to post updates from doctor's visits, pics of my growing belly and of course any ultrasound shots we get. Stay tuned because there will be lots coming!