Monday, December 22, 2008

It's beginning to feel a lot like... Summer?

This morning offered a brief respite from the warmth of a Florida winter. It was a windy, cloudy morning. Most people were bundled up in hats and mittens, walking quickly to their respective destinations. The cold air struggled to steal my breath as I walked in to work; just as it gave up its grip on the Florida morning. Today we were greeted with 38 degrees and a strong breeze. Tomorrow we will be back in shorts lamenting the 80's that surround a Florida Christmas.

Harmony and I celebrated our sixth anniversary yesterday, rather uneventfully. Dont get me wrong; the day was nice, but there was not the grandeur of previous year's celebrations. Dinner was at a quite little Italian restraunt. It felt like there were only a few people out that evening, like the night had been set aside for us to enjoy at our leisure. There was however, oddly modulating music playing in the background. My black truffle and asiago encrusted strip was sometimes softly serenaded and other times violently threatened with song. I told Harmony that I felt like we were in a mob movie...

(background music swells to a deafening crescendo as the made men revel in their carnage.)

After dinner we came home and just relaxed, thoughts of the hit that we had so narrowly avoided were far from my mind. I fell asleep to the feeling of my little girl moving around after a long, but restful, day.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

She likes to move it, move it!

So for the past few weeks I have been feeling little baby Dinah move around in there. Lately she has been quite hyper and if I am sitting still she is moving about. (Including sometimes tap dancing on my bladder!) I can definitely feel (and sometime see) her moving through my clothes. That is fun, because then Christian can feel the baby too. We really are at the fun stage right now...feeling the baby and having that daily assurance that she is healthy and growing strong and I am just at the stage of "cute pregnant" before I get enormous and uncomfortable.

We are getting ready for a really busy weekend leading into a really busy next few weeks. Aunt Amber is graduating on Saturday as is Grandma Frederique. And Uncle Jeremiah will be on this side of the country for a couple days. We are really excited about hosting Christmas this year. I have my tree up and I am enjoying the season (if only it would get a bit colder here). We are also excited when we think about the next Christmas season when baby Dinah will be here with us AND old enough to enjoy the fun!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hard Freeze

It was a cold night, Harmony and I bundled up under blankets trying to hide our bodies form the chill in the air. We joke that we need a mitten for the one hand that is exposed when we lie in bed. Last night as we began to get settled down Harmony started read a few chapters to me. After just a page or two she stopped reading and told me to feel Dinah moving. Harmony has been saying that Dinah is dancing around for about a week or so; this was the first time that I could feel her moving around.
We only have 17 weeks until Dinah is born (if she is right on time) and things seem to be moving at light speed. Keep the three of us in your prayers