Thursday, October 30, 2008

My little girl

We have been spoiled so far this pregnancy. Over the last 18.5 weeks we have had 6 or so ultrasounds. This one was by far the longest and most detailed. From her head to her toes we saw everything. The MD counted each vertebra, looked at her little heart and her brain. We saw her move; and her face, what a profile shot! For nearly 45 minutes we looked over every organ, very hand and foot, we saw her in more detail than i could have imagined. It is remarkable that I can feel so attached to someone so small that I haven't even met yet.
For me, the experience was very surreal. I suppose it is the whole not carrying the baby thing. I was reminded of how fragile life is and how many things have to be "just so" for life to even begin. Realizing the goodness that we have been given in the healthy little girl that is continuing to grow inside Harmony, I can not help but to be thankful.
Yes I was a proud papa; telling everyone I could about my little girl. I was beaming with joy for so long that my face hurt. Harmony always says that I am the weepy one of our family. I'm not afraid to show emotion happy or sad. I can say that day I was getting a little misty at the sight of my little girl.

Its a girl!

So, many of you know by now...we are having a little girl! I've attached some pictures from this ultrasound. There are a couple good profile shots of her little face and a "proof" shot the doctor gave us of her little hiney. There is also a video from the ultrasound too so you can see her moving about some. We need to edit it down some, so I'll add it later.

I was wanting a girl for this first one, so I am very excited. Christian was being a proud papa yesterday, showing off the pictures to everyone he came across.

We do have a name picked out, but I am having second thoughts about one of her middle names. For now you can call her Dinah.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our First Post

Thanks for visiting our new baby blog! I am hoping to be able to post updates from doctor's visits, pics of my growing belly and of course any ultrasound shots we get. Stay tuned because there will be lots coming!