Friday, March 27, 2009

Still Preggers...

So, Dinah has still not made her appearance...although I think she might be coming soon. At least I hope so!

Christian and I have been pretty busy trying to finish up her room and make sure everything is ready to welcome her home. I keep thinking of things that have yet to be done, so that is nice way to help pass the time while I am waiting around. I have pretty much finished training the person who will be the interim Baughman Center manager while I am gone, so I am superfluous at work now. Again a good is hard to concentrate on anything that doesn't have to do with baby or baby stuff!

On Sunday Christian and I were wandering around the mall and decide to 'build' Dinah's first bear. Here is a picture of it in her crib. We haven't named him or anything...we wanted her to be able to name him herself when she is older.

Dinah's room is almost complete. We just have a shelf to put up, but Christian is still finishing it (needs a couple more coats of poly). Also, Christian's good friend, Keith (and my best friend Jennifer's husband), is building a changing table/dresser for us. We are excited about having a piece of furniture built just for us and by someone we are so close to.

I've put in here some pictures of the completed parts of the room. We love it and it is hard to not just sit in there doing nothing. It makes me feel like Dinah is closer to actually being here.

These are the Dinah letters that a lady Christian works with painted for us. Such a thoughtful gift!

Dinah's crib

Canvases that I painted with the help of my friend Lindy and Dinah's Aunt Amber.

This is where the new changing table will go...this shelf will stack up on another one we have in the room and holds clothes and her stuffed animals.

Shelf with toys, books and other fun stuff. If you look closely you can see the pictures of Alice and Dinah my friend Jen Johnson drew for us.

Well, stay posted to here or facebook if you've got it. We'll be making announcements as soon as something starts happening!


  1. Can't wait to see the room. Hopefully Dinah will be in it at the time!

  2. Harmony, ya'll have done such a great job on Dinah's room! It is so cute!