Sunday, February 15, 2009

Only 6 weeks to go and Harmony is definitely looking very cute.

With all of the preparations that have been made things are beginning to feel a little more real now. We went baby shopping and found some neat stuff. I think I was most sold on the little dresses and non-practical items. Harmony kept pushing for practical things like: a mattress, a thermometer, a crib.

Next week we take the parenting and birth classes at our hospital. I am just realizing that there is quite a bit I don’t know about this whole process. I don’t know what I was thinking… but there is apparently more than just showing up involved.
After this past weekend we can do more than just travel with Dinah. She has a place to lay her head, some clothes to wear, diapers for her little bottom and a few of the other necessities. After our church shower and our work shower I think we may be able to make it. Raising a baby is hard work and it is expensive.

Harmony can tell you more about the places we went and about setting up the nursery in her post…